The Three Items

When I was born, I was entrusted with three items.

A Seed of Curiosity
A Heart of Courage
a Bottle of Faith.

The Seed of Curiosity is like a cheerful friend who is always amazed by the things around her. Anything can be an experience for her. She keeps me alive, in love with life by letting me see the beauty in many.

I’m always travelling down new paths, experimenting with different hobbies, and understanding how things work. Ordering something on the food menu just because it’s new is something I always do.

But, she’s just a child. As much as she is excited and curious, she is timid.

That’s where the second item comes in:

The Heart of Courage.

This big guy keeps me walking down roads I am otherwise terrified to.

You might think with a name like Courage, he would have a loud, thundering voice. Well, he doesn’t. And sometimes, I don’t hear him.

That’s when troubles come.

I now know his voice isn’t soft. He is just shouting alone; trying to reach me in a sea of turbulent waves known as Society, Friends, Family, Logic, Statistics, and Reality. He does his best to reach me, but his voice is drowned out by the waves. I can hardly hear that little voice in the crashes of waves.

But when I close my eyes and pay attention to him, I can hear his tiny big voice.

While “Reality” offers me statistics of more people failing than succeeding, and concerned families and friends provide solid reasoning why I should be practical, all the Heart of Courage is saying, “Just trust me.”

There were occasions when I didn’t trust my Heart of Courage and surrendered to my fears. I regret every single time. I let him down and I let myself down.

But I am where I am today because of the other many times when I heard his reassuring voice among the waves and chose to trust him. And this would’ve been impossible without the third and the last item I was entrusted with:

The Bottle of Faith.

Faith in my Seedmy Heart, and myself. That everything will work out. If it doesn’t, then it’s not the end. Keep on going and one day it will. Things do work out… Sometimes just not the way I wanted them to be.

This is just one chapter in my life. You have been very kind to indulge me. Thank you.

I hope my journey will inspire others to retrieve the Three Items they might have lost somewhere in their journey. If you’ve lost any of your Three Items as well, let me know your story in the comments section below. If you’ve found them, let me know how and what you did! I love a good story.

God Speed,