Stage & Screen

As Clever As A Fox

As Clever As a Fox is an interactive and humorous play written for a project of the National Library of Singapore, Fairytales Trail.

All plays in Fairytales Trail feature mashups of folktales and fairytales to present a whole new story. Continue reading As Clever As A Fox

Julie’s Biscuit — The Best of You 2016

The Best of You is a social responsibility project by Julie’s Biscuit as a way to give back to the community.

For several running years now, 12 Feet Deep has been working hand-in-hand with Julie’s to bring meaningful and enriching The Best of You plays to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

In 2016, I am very honoured to have been invited by 12 Feet Deep to write the script for this project that was staged in primary schools throughout Singapore. Continue reading Julie’s Biscuit — The Best of You 2016