Short Stories

For Just A Night

Dimly lit and decorated with too-artistic paintings and expensive, uninteresting sculptures, it was not the kind of restaurant I go to. But she would love this place, I thought. Continue reading For Just A Night

Overwatch: The Widow’s Kiss

Just another day in Amélie Lacroix, the Widowmaker’s life Continue reading Overwatch: The Widow’s Kiss

DotA Heroes’ Origin: Rubick

The story of how Rubick became Rubick, the Wandering Magus Continue reading DotA Heroes’ Origin: Rubick

DotA: The Death Prophet Carries

‘Quick!’ snapped Krobelus. She motioned her claw-like hands to the donkey. ‘What are you taking so much time for? I’m fighting a war here and I need my bottle right now.’ Continue reading DotA: The Death Prophet Carries