Julie’s Biscuit — The Best of You 2016

The Best of You is a social responsibility project by Julie’s Biscuit as a way to give back to the community.

For several running years now, 12 Feet Deep has been working hand-in-hand with Julie’s to bring meaningful and enriching The Best of You plays to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

In 2016, I am very honoured to have been invited by 12 Feet Deep to write the script for this project that was staged in primary schools throughout Singapore.


Ariel is a primary school girl loves colours, and loves drawing! She believes colours make the world so much more beautiful. But among all the colours, she has two favourite colours, and behind each of them is a story.

When she decided to participate in her school’s Sports Day as a runner, she never knew she would unknowingly inspire someone to never give up. And because of that she learnt to appreciate not only the closest people in her life, but anyone who has lent her a helping hand.

I had a vision of how the play would be, I went beyond the call of duty of a playwright and drew the backgrounds for the different scenes. The story is told through Ariel’s recounting, and thus the art style imitates a child’s drawing.




Animated GIF playing while the actors run on-stage!


Read the sample script here.


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