Why Leonardo da Vinci Wrote Backwards

Leonardo Da Vinci, amongst his numerous ingenuities, had an insignificant quirk. He was left-handed and often wrote backwards. Also known as mirror-writing, where the words appear as normal when seen with a mirror.Da Vinci's Mirror Writing Continue reading “Why Leonardo da Vinci Wrote Backwards”


My First Job Interview at 28

I stood outside the glass doors of a Japanese company, taking a sip of water from my bottle before dialling the intercom.

‘Good afternoon, how may I help you?’ came a woman’s voice.

‘Good afternoon. I’m here for an interview appointment.’ Continue reading “My First Job Interview at 28”

Live In The Now. Sometimes.

If you want to be happy, live in the moment.
To live a fulfilling life, be in the present.

Sounds great… Only, is it true?

I have always been pursuing happiness, finding meaning in the work I do. I often read, research, and then experiment with what I’ve learnt by living life with the adoption of different mindsets, carefully observing, and recording, my thoughts, habits, and moods in a diary in which I write for future references (when I can eventually read my own handwriting). Continue reading “Live In The Now. Sometimes.”