How To Kill A Relationship

Many people seem to think that the best way to kill a relationship is to go cold turkey. When being with someone is too much to bear, they cut them off immediately. Delete their contact; block them on Facebook; erase all the conversations. But that only brings about more hurt. A vaccum is created in your life, in your emotions. And we all know what … Continue reading How To Kill A Relationship

Live In The Now. Sometimes.

If you want to be happy, live in the moment.
To live a fulfilling life, be in the present.

Sounds great… Only, is it true?

I have always been pursuing happiness, finding meaning in the work I do. I often read, research, and then experiment with what I’ve learnt by living life with the adoption of different mindsets, carefully observing, and recording, my thoughts, habits, and moods in a diary in which I write for future references (when I can eventually read my own handwriting). Continue reading “Live In The Now. Sometimes.”

I Gave Up My Public Holidays

I go to bed at ten every night.

Last night, I wanted to stay up later for a bit of gaming. “It’s a public holiday tomorrow. I can afford a little rest, can’t I?” I told myself.

Why am I telling myself to rest because it’s a public holiday? How does it even concern me?

Then I remembered why I chose to be a freelancer; why I decided to give up all my holidays since 2011. Continue reading “I Gave Up My Public Holidays”