DotA Origins: The Rise of Gor-Ka’thul

There are legends in our world. Legends of gods and demons; of creatures that lurk in darkness; of things we do not invite into our house. But even the demonic folks in our legends have their legends. One of them was the Cliff. The Cliff is a dark place even by demonic standards, and lies at the edge of Hell. It is not uncommon to … Continue reading DotA Origins: The Rise of Gor-Ka’thul

DotA Origins: The Wandering Magus

Ruben Frederick took an appreciative glance at the staff in his hand. It was plain. Plain enough that no one took a second look. An olive-green wooden rod resembling more a quarterstaff than the exquisite arcane staffs commonly used by his kind. Ruben had never seen a staff looked more ordinary than his. But that was the brilliance of it: Ordinary, inconspicuous, and raised no questions. Continue reading “DotA Origins: The Wandering Magus”