How To Kill A Relationship

Many people seem to think that the best way to kill a relationship is to go cold turkey. When being with someone is too much to bear, they cut them off immediately. Delete their contact; block them on Facebook; erase all the conversations. But that only brings about more hurt. A vaccum is created in your life, in your emotions. And we all know what … Continue reading How To Kill A Relationship

Crowfall: Penitence

My name is Edgar. And I am a Crow. Yes, the one that humans—a class of being I once belonged to—fear.

To be frank, I do not like the term Crow very much. They call us that because they see us as scavengers, a sort of petty nuisance (were we not so deadly, of course), like filthy sewage rats running across worlds scrambling for junk. I like to see myself more as a… demigod. An existence between a mortal and a god. No matter, it is but a name, a term, a label to make the inconveniences of social conventions convenient. Let’s not dwell on that. Continue reading “Crowfall: Penitence”

The Will of A Starving Man

Do you think you have a say in eating or not when you’re writhing in an insufferable pain from the insidious gastric acid secreted by your stomach? Of course not! You want to eat; and you must eat. This tormenting response invoked by our bodies are deliberately — quite ingeniously too, I must say! — designed to manipulate us into eating. After all, when was the last time you heard someone starving himself to death, accidentally? Continue reading The Will of A Starving Man