She Deserves More

I’m selling her.

She’s always standing at the corner of my room quietly; patiently waiting for me to touch her again.

But I never did. Not once in the past two years.

Allegra is a wonderful girl, capable of singing anything from Beethoven’s melodramatic Moonlight Sonata to Chopin’s peaceful nocturnes that could lull babies to sleep. It’s a pity I could not appreciate nor fully make use of her beautiful voice. She was once part of my dream. Alas, I see that dream no more. I have found another, and I need to focus. I can’t afford to have both.

There was a time I made sure to spend time with Allegra every single day. But it didn’t last–no, I didn’t last. It wasn’t her fault; it can’t be. I deliberated for a long time if I should keep her or sell her. And I kept her, kept her waiting, chained alone and neglected, for two years. We might not share that dream anymore, but the memories remain. Memories always do, don’t they?

I don’t think she’s happy here. By keeping her for myself, I am denying her of life. I mean, her very raison d’être is to make music. She’s not born made to hold my dirty laundry. No, it’s not fair to her.

I think Allegra will be happier with someone else. Allegra was a name inspired by allegro, as in, quick and lively. With me, she’s anything but.

That’s why I’ve decided to sell her.

Maybe you don’t need Allegra in your life. That’s okay. Someone else might. So if you could help me find a better home for Allegra, please share.

Share, and help me help Allegra find a better home.

Here is a photo of Allegra, if looks are a concern for you. If you want to get to know her more, you can find out more about her here, including her measurements.

She’s about three years old. I bought her at around $800 or so. And I’m willing to let her go at $650. Negotiable, of course. As long as Allegra likes you.

Send me a message. I’m sure we can work something out for Allegra’s future ahead.

#sheDeservesMore #findAllegraABetterHome


2 thoughts on “She Deserves More

  1. Ohh this was clever! I was all indignant at first because I thought the main character was selling an actual girl, but love the twist! I re-read it after knowing the twist, and I appreciated the story all that much more ;)

    1. Warms my heart when someone re-reads. Thank you.

      I’m actually really selling away my piano though. I just thought I should mix in storytelling instead of just plainly selling it. I have a habit of naming my possessions xD

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