Mr Blyde

Promise me
if I showed you my teddy bears and toys
you wouldn’t stare at me
like I’m a creepy boy

Promise me
you’d play with me
even if you’re not overjoyed

You promised
to love me whole and love me bare
And I showed you my toys and my bears

But you ran and you cried
When Mr Blyde said Hi.


3 thoughts on “Mr Blyde

  1. Well. That appropriately creeped me out lol. And it doesn’t help that your photo reminds me of Chucky the killer doll (are you aware of the movies? The movies creeped me out when I was a kid lol)

    1. :D Mission success, I guess!

      omg I hate Chucky lol.

      Honestly, it’s been like a decade since I watched horror. I’m absolutely terrified of dolls and clowns.

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